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Ser Humano · Tiro De Gracia


By Andrés J. Barquín

Principal Guitar of Llueven Animales

In 97’, when I was 10 years old, a cousin tape me Ser Humano!!, from Tiro de Gracia. It was the first cassette that I had and maybe that’s what marked me so much. It was in my “personal” for months, I listened it several times and learned all the lyrics, very young and not knowing a lot of stuff.

With bases plagued by very well used samples (who doesn’t remember instantly “El Juego Verdadero” whenever “Just The Two Of Us” from Bill Withers appears?) a lot of R&B, Soul, and Funk influences. Very African American music, adding the catchy phrases of Juan Sativo, Lenwadura and Zaturno, Ser Humano!! Is an album that runs pretty well from the start to the end. Despite Hip Hop doesn´t turn me crazy; this album won an important space in the musical history of my life and always reminders me a very good epoch.