Centro Arte Alameda


Centro Arte Alameda, is a multiple space center where cinema, coffee shops and homelike linving rooms connect. Open to all kind of public perfomances and of course, live music.

A two floor building that creates a magical place right in the middle of Santiago’s downtown. The first floor has its own interior square, with a movie theater and coffee spots. The perfect space to isolate yourself from the chaotic sounds of the Alameda.

Generally, parties and little concerts are performed. The second floor is almost hidden and can be accessed only by a spiral staircase near to a bridge that spans the entire first floor.

And in case you should know, this floor hosts endless concerts and festivals, from all genres, as Punk, HxC, Rap, Alternative and Indie makes history in every perfomance.

Tickets and shows? It depends on the event. But values range between CL $2.000 and CL $7.000.

The invitation is open to visit this magical place that has everything for everyone.

You can visit their calendar of events  here.


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