Bar de Rene


When you come to Bar de René, you know inmediatly if you belong or not, and if so, you’ll know it’s your bar. If not, get the hell out, end of the story.

Bar de René presents himself as the perfect spot for diversity, good conversations and of course, national music.

Located in Providencia, you can find it just five blocks from Santa Isabel metro staion, facing the Andes. Bar de René’s doors open around midnight to receive its loyal pilgrims. Those who see in this bar an extension of their homes.

At the bar, you will find a simple facade, without major pretensions, where a little close door and its correspondant guard that will check your age. When entering the bar, you’ll find a completely different world. A dark hall that goes throughout the entire bar, where conversations, stories and other situations that only happen here.

It`s bar represents the very same heart of René, giant and unbreakable, always respected

At the end of the hall, you’ll find the stage, a bigger space, for bigger experiences. More tables, chairs and two TVs constantly transmitting cult shows.

Each sector is divided naturally by the place architecture. In this stage, legendary chilean bands have rocked the shit out. Dorso, Criminal Hielo Negro, Fiskales Ad-hok and many others.

The bar has a constant initiative in powering the spread of national music, in a more real way, with accesible prices and where everyone is welcome.

For celebration, passing the moody times, alone or with someone… The Bar de René will always be Bar de René, and it will be there to receive you with open doors and ham sandwiches.


By: Pablo Pérez