Bagre at Bar Sindicato


An evening with catchy rythms and melodies pulled over from the deepest waters of Piduco, that happened in the mythical Sindicato Bar in Providencia.


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The musical session started at 10:30, when Bagre took the controllers to give life to the first beats. Calling the attention of the attendants, that, almost like instict, begun to move their heads to the rythm. That’s how  it was tge first hour of music, beets and friends.

Like a college break, the beatmaker talk some beers with Eggglub and Flacodiablo, all from Lunar Tapes. A label that dedicates to promote the Beat Makers in Santiago through tapes.

At 12:30, due to the constant hotness provided by the Chilean summer, the attenedants took over the bar walkside at the front, dealing with the warm eveninng with the classical shops of Bar Sindicato.

At this point of the night, the music once again took over, this time with Eggglub and Bagre joined in an improvised set, lasting 30 min aprox. Powerful drums and sometimes, squizoids, was the complement of Eggglub, while Bagre distorting the sounds, like an extraterrestrial tunes out of this world.

Thanks Hommies!


TCU Team.