Strangely beautiful and imperfectly human are the adjectives that comes to my head when writing about Lavina Yelb, contagious sounds, danceable and once in a while, a little bit schizophrenic, are the result of the constant audiovisual construction and destruction of Anibal Bley.
In his work, we can find asymmetry, the profanation of sounds coming from different times, beside unexpected cuts. Something like a fortuitous defense of these values, coming generally from what we call mistakes.
From a family of four brothers, he studied art and has published several records independently. Besides music, he makes his own illustrations and animations on his videos, delivering a coherent and complete concept of what we see and what we hear. Founding of the record label “Hacele”, has covered several artist like LBBB, Eggglub, among others.
by: Pablo Pérez