Caraslargas cuts right through the chase. No rodeos, no misunderstandings and no filter. The rawness of universal truths lies behind funky and jazzy progressions. A message spoken through smooth whisperings and belligerent rhymes. Pretty much like Jack Kerouac sitting in the same couch with Rage Agains the Machine, without losing the smoothness. Can you expect a better combination? With a debut album (Caraslargas, 2016) masterfully crafted by Ariel Noname dropping the mic, Salde bombing the bass, Feli on the funky guitar, Mati in the restless drums and Pancho on the sneaky keyboards., Caraslargas is definitely, the jazz band with the furious attitude owned by these guys. So we recommend you to listen. And listen carefully, because every verse of Ariel Noname is a sharp knife, and every time the drums speed the rhythm, that knife gets closer and closer. Meanwhile a smooth guitar drinks martini amaretto watching you bleed. So get a big incinerator and slowly light some candles. Caraslargas brings us acid rhymes on acid jazz. Facebook · Bandpage Record Label: Gatoruso Records By: Francisco Cifuentes.
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Oso el Roto

If aliens visit the Earth someday, land in your place and ask you politely… “Human, what kind of sounds are worth the listening in this planet?” your answer will be three magic words. “Oso el Roto”. The best combination of inexplicable tunes, lots of imagination and so little limits. A little bit tribal, much more experimental, many samples and nonsense lyrics as his battle flag. The absurdity is a gun, and Oso el Roto is pointing at you. Prepare to open even more your mind, and press play to this wonderful journey sponsored by Oso el Roto. With the participation of Dadalu in choirs and production, Ervalizer in monotron and choirs, this journey is far from finishing Produced by Ice Flex, Ervalizer. Web: Bandcamp Facebook By: Francisco Cifuentes.    
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