La Minga

The name of the two discs of La Minga, as well as their own group, there are no clues as to what to expect from them. The first album “Música Itinerante” (2015) and the second “La Combi” (2016), speak us of a band in constant movement, that escapes from the creative sedentarism, the conformism and the satisfaction. With the courage of looking for something new or something they already knew, but that can be seen with other eyes. And there is nothing more pleasant than someone who takes you to unexplored places, which invite you to discover, to break your head. And once there, teach you how to feel the place, to recognition of every aroma, every sound, every element that composes it. Because La Minga’s variety of beats, either in funk, folk, jazz or gypsy, has a perfect mix of alternative instruments for you to discover every detail of their songs. So you can see the whole landscape and feel it. It is a journey not of tourism but of discovery, as when it is a city and instead of touring the typical places in the deep, real neighborhoods. And the best thing about that trip, is that once […]
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