Platillo Volador

[This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill. I repeat, stop whatever the hell you were doing and evacuate your homes immediately].  [This is an emergency]. [Different sightings have been reported from all over the country]. [I repeat. This is an emergency] Flying saucers have arisen from Valparaiso, invading our soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp and media. The message? A record of nine songs remembering forever these events: En el cielo a las 20:00. It’s Platillo Volador, my dear terrestrial friends and they are coming to get you. Making Lo Orozco, album EP debut in 2014 and releasing new album in 2016 (“En el cielo a las 20:00”), Platillo Volador is getting their first recognition as one of the bands with projection in the country. But who cares about that? Music so off of this planet that expectations and recognitions simply doesn’t matter. It’s too terrestrial, man. And that’s why we love this kind sighting, in the middle of nowhere, with the darkest night upon you and the bright light of Platillo Volador leaving you blind and unconscious for three days. What happened in between? You’ll never know. Psychedelic ensemble, noisey aggrupation, lysergic tripulation, called them whatever you […]
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James Numerin

What´s so big about psychedelia that lures so many people into a colorful whirlwind, where everyone just chills on sunny afternoons? Well, for start, it may depend of what kind of substances you have introduced in your body and mind. And second, bands like James Numerin. Because the groovy sensations of the sixties are still alive in James Numerin work, not as a tribute or as a modern versions of old tunes, but instead, a new and creative way of making classic rock without sounding classic. Interesting musical views, deep atmospheres and clear convictions that remind us sometimes to Los Jaivas or Aguaturbia. Welcome are the unconventional guitars, the stranded pianos and freaky synthesizers. In this boat, there is space for everyone. No discrimination among genres, but influences very well marked. We want more from James Numerin, a walking experience. More from that well made sound and caring melodies. But for now, we are thrilled to show you a piece of their work and what means to us. Facebook – Soundcloud     By Francisco Cifuentes Rivera
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Caraslargas cuts right through the chase. No rodeos, no misunderstandings and no filter. The rawness of universal truths lies behind funky and jazzy progressions. A message spoken through smooth whisperings and belligerent rhymes. Pretty much like Jack Kerouac sitting in the same couch with Rage Agains the Machine, without losing the smoothness. Can you expect a better combination? With a debut album (Caraslargas, 2016) masterfully crafted by Ariel Noname dropping the mic, Salde bombing the bass, Feli on the funky guitar, Mati in the restless drums and Pancho on the sneaky keyboards., Caraslargas is definitely, the jazz band with the furious attitude owned by these guys. So we recommend you to listen. And listen carefully, because every verse of Ariel Noname is a sharp knife, and every time the drums speed the rhythm, that knife gets closer and closer. Meanwhile a smooth guitar drinks martini amaretto watching you bleed. So get a big incinerator and slowly light some candles. Caraslargas brings us acid rhymes on acid jazz. Facebook · Bandpage Record Label: Gatoruso Records By: Francisco Cifuentes.
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