katalina schwarz

 Katalina Schwarz with almost three years of experience as a DJ at national holidays. In his sets she delivers a selection concentrated on the techno side, dub techno, deep techno, break beat and deep house. She has appeared in important national and international clubs: Valparaíso, Concepción, Puerto Montt, Curicó, Lima, Ciudad de México and New York. In the scene, their pairs dance to the rhythm of such hypnotic beats, their mixtures are fresh and varied, achieving their own style, a style that not only the people enjoys, but also recognizes. In addition co-founder of PIONEER and POWERADE parties, nationally and internationally important parties that aim to show the freshest and most daring of the electronic scene of Santiago. Traveling projects that seek to promote experimental sounds and not necessarily made for the dance floor. Mixing different disciplines in one place, even transforms the concept which is present in these parties. By: Marcelo Cantillana Facebook • Soundcloud
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Nabucodonosor is the pseudonym used by Pablo Romero. A producer and musician from Concepción, that has been unraveling his IDM and electronic facet, in a House and Techno way. His proposal and sound has been repeatedly applaused by his pairs and led him to participate in important national and international stages, highlitighting mainly in 2017, where he participated in the renowned Bogotan club, Videoclub,  playing later in Chile with an impeccable live set at Primavera Fauna Festival. His sound, in first instance, is House with dyes of Soul, and as  we go inquiring in his tracks, we can find with different nuances and arpeggios proper from Techno; producing a disturbing and psychedelic experimental mix, in a long term, surrounding us in a mental mantra, proper to a synthetic drug in a neurotransmitter. Soundcloud | Youtube By: Christian Céspedes
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