Guitars with heavy british accents and psychedelic rythms are the key signature of Bellyco. An attitute and music marked by the finest influences of 90´s brit and alternative rock.

Defined by the media as a a mix of a sharp guitars and psychedelic rhythms, aiming to the rawest and most electric side of rock and roll. , Bellyco began as a lighter and Beatles-esque band, more than ten years ago, but with the pass of time, they have evolved into a heavier sound, reminiscing the golden times of Madchester and making Bellyco, one of the most steady and consistent bands in town.

Founded by brothers and cousins from Franklin neighborhood, Bellyco is Paulo Gallardo on vocals and percussions, Jonathan Vargas and Karlheinz Weidhass on guitars, Oliver Quintanilla on drums and Keno Vargas on bass.

Bellyco has become the latest proof of a success based on persistent touring and the interest of creating always something new from them to the people, and let me tell you from now that you´re always welcome to enjoy the best tunes of Bellyco and rock the hell out of your mod cut.

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By: Francisco Cifuente