Alternative Hip Hop from Valparaiso, how cool that sounds? Is Abismo, slicing his rhymes with no mercy.

An interesting approach to a genre ready to take the next step. Making a stand where the streets and innovation can peaceful collide.

Sorry, did I say peaceful? In this dimension maybe, cause Abismo’s rap is clearly coming from another parallel reality. Rap so intricate as the streets and hills that watch him born.

In a collaboration between beatmakers like Fkrpr and Gumo, (that we are glad that happened), Abismo present us a collage of influences so mixed up that is hard to tell which one is there. Taking the underground to a dark parking lot, beat him the hell up of it and then sending it home with the best impression of that night.

Valpo Estado Mental is his first album and we have only but good vibes to what comes next.

And as anyone who has been on Valparaiso and has met its people, you know that is only a question of time when something notorious born from the port city.


By Francisco Cifuentes Rivera