Valparaíso, a place for ups and downs, narrow streets, a place easy to get lost, and easy to discover.

Here is where Adelaida let their sound come off, a sound that is easily complemented by the sounds of the port, bathing in the same essence that makes them so unique.

Like an alter ego of his members, Adelaida has its own personality with different moods, reflected in each of his lyrics and chords. When listening their repertory, we can highlight clear influences of the purest and nineties-que grunge. Paused rhythms and solid drums assemble their way in a perpetual march into your ears.

In 2015, they had the opportunity to make a record with jack Endino, Nirvana`s producer, achieving a very well made work. The final result was two highly produced tracks, tuned with the eye of the experience. Added to their previous work with Pablo Giadach in their first album, Monolito.

Adelaida are:

Jurel Sónico: Vocals, Guitar and Synth.

Gabriel Holzapfel: Drums, tambourine and piano.

Natalia Adelina: Bass and vocals.

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By: Pablo Pérez.-