All Tomorrows


If you have been living under a rock of overrated electro pop, fake folk songs and soft tunes, it’s not our fault if you missed the explosive breakthrough of All Tomorrows.

Because we are proud to say that a new wave of chilean metal exists nowadays with clear intentions of taking things heavier and heavier away.  And is in All Tomorrows were all of this intentions are masterfully displayed.

A band formed by four talented musicians who are setting the bar high enough to change the metal panorama. All made by sheer determination, a religious rhythm of practice and the will to make things good and different.

Because behind the brutal sound of All Tomorrows, lies a vocation to originality and professionalism. A thunderous machine powered by 1000 horsepower, making your head spins 600 revolutions per minute. So, start exercising your headbanging, cause with All Tomorrows, shit get serious.

Be part of the new face of metal Chilean music. Be part of the new stampede of All Tomorrows.

(By the way, they will be on Rock Out Festival 2016, sharing line up with Messhuggah, Rammstein, The Offspring, Dead Kennedys, Hell Yeah, Anti Flag and Valium.)

All Tomorrows is:

Pepe Lastaria on vocals and guitars · Ramón Pasternak on guitar and backing vocals · Pablo Martinez on drums · Oscar Arenas on bass and backing vocals.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes.