Frenetic, electric, hyperkinetic and even magnetic. Let those riffs and drums fuck us all from the very first three seconds of a song. A dirty combination between speed and methadone, 3 am in the morning having absolutely no clue where the hell are you.

A first glimpse of what ANMLS are preparing, a song so unable to conceal all his energy, releasing stage divings, crowd surfings and no fucks with every scream.

And yes, we can put “Himno” as an anthem… as a battle cry or as a perfect soundtrack for those nights that happen so fast and die so young… with a smile on your face.

You asked for a band that rocks the socks out of you? We are showing you one that will rocks the fucks out of you.

Animals are:

Gato • Pato • Chichi • Dino


By: Francisco Cifuentes.