In the middle of the concrete jungle, the buses, the collapsed subway, the traffic jam, the incoming bills, the advertising that is always trying to sell us things, the plastic cards that allow us to buy the things that sells us advertising in 45 fee or more,  the anxiety to win more than others, the rage, in the middle of all this chaos…. There is Antonio González.

Taking us with his music to a quiet and calm place, where you can breath in and breath out.

Simple melodies capable of abstracting us to a peaceful state. And it’s in the middle of that peace, where he’s more used to talk about love, pain and freedom, weaving stories and metaphors so in that way we can go, unravel them and discovering them.

After his first two EP’s “Cartero Único” and “Idioma del Río”, last year he released “Psicología para astronautas”, an album that feels more round and solid than the previous ones with songs like “Asteroides en la cabeza”, ” Marcas imborrables” or ” Siempre te diré “.

A project that is just beginning and sure to keep growing up, because that quiet place we can escape, will be filled with more and more people.


By: Sergio Negrier.