Ases Falsos


In April 2011, the Fother Muckers decide to start a new musical stage, being called “Ases Falsos”, a new band with the same members of the Fother Muckers, maturing in musical style but keeping the touch that characterized the last group. The name comes from the song of the disc No. 10 “Just and Necessary” for the Fother Muckers entitled “Los Ases Falsos”. In addition Cristobal Briceño in an interview to “Noiselab” says: Why the name Ases Falsos? C: There are two reasons, one reason that leads to another. There was a song of Fother Muckers 2008 that talked about a band called Ases Falsos. It is a story within a story, a box within a box, a dream within a dream. That band was called Ases Falsos because in Patagonia, where it comes from my family, there is a card game, the Spanish card called trick (truco), an amazing game, it´s like chess in that you can extrapolate its symbolism to the real life. It is much lying, like life. In this game there are cards that have a mediocre value, and the false aces (Ases Falsos) are the best cards (swords and vast), the gold and goblet are useless.