From Talca with love, the hypnotic beats of Bagre.

Lunar Tapes has become one of the best surprises of the recent years, an independent label with good musicians and interesting tunes. That’s why we praise today the amusing work of Bagre, and his catchy composition of nostalgic beats. Sometimes a video game, sometimes hip-hop, sometimes a chill and awkward afternoon, “La Fantástica Distopia del Hombre Pez”, his latest record, is all that. And we like it.

So, imagine you are in a very strange period in your life. Shadows get bigger, people are less people and everything seems to be a little off. But that´s OK, you know, because Bagre is still on your playlist. Every single track on “La Fantástica” gets you to another sense of security and chillness.

And if you think that`s too much, well, you can always press PLAY and get in the smooth vibe.

You can fulfill your longing of nostalgia with the cassette version of “ La Fantástica Distopia del Hombre Pez” available now or the digital format. But we strongly recommend you to get your Walkman and listen to this beats, rich in 8 bit essences and futuristic melodies.

Enjoy the season of the Bagre folks, because is only getting better.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes