Boy Pablo

Pablo Muñoz or better known as Boy Pablo, is a talented young man that started to involve into music at 13. But already in his 16 he created one of his first songs called “Flowers”. Sharing Chilean nationatility and currently living in Norway, since his parents emigrated there in the 80s. He began showing the songs that he wrotes to his friends and family, from whom he always had a good reception. In 2015 christmas, Pablo’s brother gave him as a present some hours in a record studio. There it was borns his first song before mentioned (“Flowers”). Days after, the motivation to play live borns. That’s how the opportunity to play in a school festival appeared. He reunited a group of friend to form the band that would accopanion to this present day. It compares a lot with Mac Demarco’s music. Howeve, he recognizes that there is so much bands with that same style, that the success of one, empowers the others. Boy Pablo has an important repertory of songs, among them “Every Problems”, “Ur Phone” or one of the most famous, “Everytime”, in wich Pablo and his band appear to be playing very early in the morning, no showers taken. Currently, Boy Pablo is working on the maturity of his music, seeking to be a true identity of his day to day and persona.