There are certain places in the emotional side of the brain so hard to access that is required a good amount of sensibility. A sensibility capable to feel every vibration produced on the stream of affections.

Take that, mix it with shady guitars and gasping vocals, and you get Cárnavas. A fine example of how a band can evoke a very well crafted EP with melodic songs. Songs made to contemplate every moment you would like to keep.

Nada es Absoluto is their first work on record and they are currently working to keep the trail on the track.

So don’t let be misunderstood, whenever you feel that there is no soundtrack for that distant sunset in that distant memories, don’t you ever forgot about Cárnavas.

Cárnavas are:

Angello Giorgio (Vocals – Guitars)

Víctor Zavala (Drums)

Camila Núñez (Bass)

Matías Durán (Guitar- Synth)

Paolo Parachen (Guitar- Keyboards)


By: Francisco Cifuentes.-