Chicago Toys


Shoegaze? Noise-rock? Dream pop? What’s the deal with so many labels? Its just music we love to love. Period.

That’s how we feel about Chicago Toys, music filled with so many influences, gathering the best from them and making some new and original shit. Owned entirely by them.

And man, it sounds really good.

Either is riding your bike, kissing that special one or feeling lost in the translation of life, those unique moments can be shared with a song from these Chicago Toys. Fast and dreamy guitars, gazing voices, piercing bass and frantic drums. Have we mentioned that their melodies are as good as their technique? Well, now we said it.

So feel lucky to be living in Chile these days, because doesn’t matter how ugly things get in this land, now you have a band that can wipe out those hopeless feelings with kick ass tunes and powerful riffs.

Thanks to Nicolás Stein, Pablo Dinamarca and Francisco Gaete, thanks for their two EP’s “Chicago Toys” (2012) and “Color” (2014), thanks for their long duration album “Lost Niños” (2016) and thanks for making us rocking with their tunes.

Chicago Toys Are:

 Nicolas Stein – Voice and Guitar
Pablo Denmark – Drums
Francisco Gaete – Bass and keyboards

Facebook • Bandcamp

By: Francisco Cifuentes Rivera