Cholita Sound

It´s difficult to define Cholita Sound. Her music is a mixture of lyrics, rhythms, places, visual, aesthetic, that opens a wardrobe in your head to find it in the bottom of it a new world full of psychedelia and powerful rhythms. A place where your grid definition of music has no place and where you expect to find everything, because you can really find anything. A unique and free place.
It is a mixture of latinpop, reggaeton, disco, tecnockish (if we try, unsuccessfully, to define it) is a kaleidoscope full of sensations. You feel like you’re on the altiplano, in a taxi, in a Bellavista discoteque, in Central America, in Miami, in the corner of the bar. It takes you into a chaos that you try to sort out and understand, but you can’t. All you have left is to get drunk with that hallucinogenic chaos, and lose yourself. And you enjoy it.
Caterina Purdy a.k.a. Purdy Rocks is the real name of Cholita Sound. Visual artist. Singer. Producer. Creator of worlds. Reggaetonera. Teletransporter. Aesthetic adventurer. Rocker. Cumbiera. All together and nothing specific. And vice versa.
Let’s get lost.
By: Sergio Negrier