Clave Baja


Clave Baja or Low Key is a photograph aesthetic that enhances darkness and diminishes light. Under this concept, these Hip Hop group was born. Inspired by black tones and high contrasts, Clave Baja is the musical photography of the dark alleys, shady squares and cold nights in Santiago.

Their debut album is homonym, and is by far, one of the most interesting projects of 2016. An experimental mixture of rap with trip hop, rock, jazz and electronic tunes.

But is not this mix what draws the attention, is their atmospheric sound that drift you away.

Guitars drifting in the streets (Rene Villablanca), harsh rhymes whispered from the shadows (DeyasKlan, GabrielaFatima & IsaDeyabu), a restless bass waiting for you behind every corner of the beat (Ricardo Bass), haunting samples (Manuel Orellana) and beats so naturally made, that keeps you awake during the darkest nights (Dj Gaudeamus).

Lights off and shades on. Clave Baja´s sound gets real every time the sun goes down. check them before dawn comes.

Facebook · Label: Gatoruso Records

By: Francisco Cifuentes.