Cuarto Flotante


With a new album just released, Cuarto Flotante sets the four walls of their music identity. Tracks well made and a music sensibility beyond the national clichés. We invite you to keep enjoying “Insomne” the brand new and shiny EP of this floating room.

The perfect room to be in, if I let myself to be clear, setting the coordinates to the clouds. That was our first impression when we listen to this ethereal band from Santiago. A calm pace, taking all the time in the world to lift you up little by little. ‘Cause, really… what’s the rush?

We love to listen to bands like Cuarto Flotante, a proposal so different from others band that we always want to hear more from them. A difference based on familiarity, chords and tracks from another time, maybe lysergic, maybe seventies-esque or even kind of soviet at some points.

Guitars, synths, voices, bass and drums well aligned just to show that they can do it in the musical scene of the chaotically Santiago.

So chill out guys, is Cuarto Flotante’s time and is just getting started.

The people inside Cuarto Flotante are:

Paulo Cifuentes: Guitar/Voice

Sebastian Salas: Synth/Guitar
Cristian Zuñiga: Drums
Fracisco Matus: Bass



Francisco Cifuentes Rivera