Oi! From Chile to the world. Curasbun has managed to stay on track in a path builded on broken bottles, loud voices and solid effort. What was once a pub band now has become international, having toured through all over continent, without compromising their identity and spirit. And you know what… and if you keep asking, yes…they still kick ass in pubs and bar, representing the third world Oi!

Formed by Fernando “Marihuana” Sanchez in voice, Jaime Alarcón and Manuel “Misfi” Vargas on guitars, Fernando “Bermello” Valenzuela in bass and Adolfo Reyes hitting the drums.

True Chileans undergrounds in times when the adjective “true” has become a very difficult one to find. We want to keep hearing good news from Curasbun, because a band with so much energy to give is storming the world’s shittiest stages, raising their fists and keeping the name of south American street punk in a very high bar.

Turn the volume up and finish your drink, lads… the boys are coming!


Bootsboy Records



By: Francisco Cifuentes.