Beats from the unknown to the infinity.

There is no much information about the identity of Eggglub and we couldn’t care less about it. Because what lacks of information, excedes on stylish and funky instrumental remixes.

And that’s what you find on Eggglub`s tunes. Dopey rythms and psychedelic samples that decolours the gray from the city to iridescent skies and tecnicolor horizons.

Grab your bike, skate, rollers, golf cars and press play to the vibes. You are cordially invited to enjoy. Because every afternoon brought to you by Eggglub is a ephimeral postcard to eternity.

So don’t feel kind of sad when Egglub’s songs ends, another will come right next to it and chill with you. And you can´t miss it, his samples are from everywhere, and he is currently playing wherever you find perfect to enjoy your pilsen, mojito, straberry fields, piña colada and the best company.

Welcome to the Eggglub. Now you can relax.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes