The silence becomes comfortable in complicity. In the harmony of those who know that it’s connection goes beyond words. No necessity to fill the void, because is in that void where many times big and unexpected things grow. Is in that wide and eternal space where any moment seems like an explosion, a clash of ideas, glances and hummings. A Big Bang out of nowhere becoming a note, a song or a lyric that hundreds of people will sing months after, as if were theirs from all their life.

This harmony and connection we felted in Yavey, Vado, Franci, Sergio and Mati, the guys from El cómodo silencio de los que hablan poco.

Their first EP, recently launched, “Run Run”, is a synchrony of instruments generating atmospheres soaked in honesty and winter afternoons. Guitars that lift you up, just to let you fall. A mix of voices that navigates among tranquility and total despair.

Bravery in their proposal, a debut where nothing’s left and everything transits through melodic tunes, like “Caroline”, “5” or “Cigarro en la pieza”, to others where the lyrics leads us to some point in our lives, like “Despedida”, “Jardines” or “Tiempos bajo el sol”. The last one already becoming and anthem in the santiaguinean underground concerts.

Every song in this debut is a catarsis per se.

They have found in comfortness and complicity the silence of an infinite galaxy, where everyone can fly freely untill they crash into something, and just then, realizing that there is a new thing that worth the while.

… and transforming that into real music.

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By: Sergio Negrier.