El Mal Gusto


El Mal Gusto is a post punk band that grabs you, shakes you and holds you in every song-
A liberating force that kicks your head until there´s nothing left, to do anything you want with your frantic, direct and surrounding melodies. Because their music goes with everything but staying sited.

The powerful combination between guitar, bass, drums and trumpet closes the circle in a perfect way, leading you to those darks and crowded bars, filled with people, chaotic, when you never know where exactly you are, but definitely, having a good time.

With “EP-1” (2013), their first EP edited by UVA Robot, they start to show the strength inside, and with “Desayuno” (2014), their first LP, it was indicated that their path was serious. With great songs as Guanaqueros, Miguelitos o Caribe. And they had released recently their second EP, named “Ideas Borrosas” (2016), also edited by UVA Robot; where you can perceive an step further in their quest, with songs mostly instrumental, more intense and more delusional rhythms, appreciated perfectly in two songs, “Ideas Borrosas” and “Fuente de Soda”.

With no doubt, a band that has a lot more to give. And we hope it does get done, because like drugs, the euphoria they produce is highly addictive.

The band is composes by:

Pablo Pochols Valle on Voices • Daniel Hanselmann on Guitar • Carlos Cava Valeria on Voices and Bass • Rodrigo Castro on Trumpet and Second Voice • Cristián Aranda on Drums.

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By: Sergio Negrier.