There’s no excuse in today’s Chile to make a bad hip-hop album and Ensecreto is the living proof of that.

With two long duration records well acclaimed by critics, (and by critics I mean all the youtube, soundcloud and facebook comments) EnSecreto comes as one of the promises of chilean hip -hop, with a serious musical proposal and well-thought lyrics.

The true base of hip- hop focus on that, more than choreza and being street-wise, is how you can make something good with your rhymes and smooth beats.

And not only that, EnSecreto has been accomplished quite a reputation on freestyle competitions, being jury, contestant and of course, winner. But is not that what we are trying to make clear on this article.

In The Chileans Undergrounds we are more than proud to listen these Chileans undergrounds making tunes with such quality and seriousness. The importance of being more than just an actor on the scene, but instead, being a moving force of hip -hop.

This is proved not only in both of his records, 12 inútiles temas para no escuchar and Cada hoja con su viento, also in all of his collaborations, featurings, live presentations and event participations.

So give a damn chance to EnSecreto, folks. I bet you won’t regret it.


By: Francisco Cifuentes Rivera.