Let´s talk about Espiral. How with so few they can accomplish so much. Because that’s the kind of catharsis you get to experience when listening to these guys.

A progressive feeling of levitation, Espiral becomes the perfect vessel to an intergalactic journey.  A journey through the quantum space, navigating the galaxies with no clear destiny.

Because the trip of Spiral is just getting started and the cosmonauts are ready to plug their instruments and reach the outer rims of the universe.

And fuck terrestrial life, in just a few minutes, Espiral can put you in the right mood to start drifting away in the void.

We like what we hear. And little by little, song by song, Espiral absorbs you to its center. Always wanting more, always wanting a journey that weren´t too short.

So while we expect more from Espiral, you best keep looking to the starry sky. You may get caught in the zone of Espiral.

Espiral are:

José Luis Cayul on guitar.

Ignacio Larraín on Bass/Sax.

Cristián “Joven Billy” Hidalgo on drums.

Miguel Rodriguez on keyboards.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes Rivera