Felicia Morales


She was born in august, and as the month dictates, she is a fanatic of cats. She possesses and is possessed by a pair. Audio engineer and hairdresser from Concepción, land of a lot of music and culture for the austral country, she started in the conservatory at the age of 5 with Cello and Piano, to became the musician that she is and bring us her first EP in 2013. “Felicia” (EP name) it’s an album with four very intense short tracks.

Also she has participated in several workshops like ceramics, painting, ballet, cuisine, beauty aesthetic and sign language, that make of Felicia, a very complete person, and as we call it in Chile: “Una artista chasquilla” (search for: Maestro Chasquilla)

One year later (in 2014) she found the right scissor cuts to give the precise style to her first Long Play, “Agosto” (August). This record its very brainy, introspective, totally instrumental and with very high standars. She worked in the album with De Janeiros (Pablo Muñoz y Milton Mahan) producers and duet of musicians that helped giving this record the best shape.

Felicia has been partner and has participated with several artists, those who people call “the new wave of authors” in Chile. She has supported Javiera Mena, Gepe, Fakuta, Dënver, among others. And if the magic of her waving cords in the cello and her fluency with the instrument weren’t enough… she also plays the main theme of Game of Thrones.

Give her a try, she totally worth it.


By Cristóbal Padilla Uarac.