Fulin Lawen

A duo formed by Camilo Palama and Felipe Zegers, who had launched a record based on selections of live recordings. That’s how in January and February of 2016, they launch Fulin Lawen 010. In cassettes through ETCS records. Through time, the synths travel with constant sounds, distributing analogous. A warm and special music, linked to the electronic, awaking us unavoidable reminders of Stereolab or Neu, where the constant in the rhythm abstract you, provoking a little loss of time/ space. Is Fulin Lawen relative? Probably not. However, get ready to listen a new/familiar sound that will make you pass time quickly; or slower. Whatever your case. This new musical project has been already presented in Argentina, Perú and Chile, accompanied with bands as Nueva Costa, Mountain Castle, Ami Dang, Camera, etc.


By, Pablo Pérez