There is something about being Chilean that gets me very deeply, and it’s not all that cheesy reasons we hear on vague commercials and cheesy TV news. It’s humility and honesty. And that’s what we get to hear on Gianluca’s music.

Especially with trap music, associated with luxury, sex, money wasting and violence. Everything what Gianluca it’s not.

And that’s why this kind trap is so Chilean. We can admire and look up all of these thing I have mentioned before, but we, as Chilean millennials , can’t relate to their themes so closely.

Sad boys talking about wine and melon, growing up in San Miguel and being poor but happy.

This new generation of musicians are taking the fresh part of urban music and mixing it with their reality. No strings attached, no posing and no drama in making what they like.

That’s what we love from Gianluca. That’s what we admire from Gianluca. That’s what we talk about Gianluce.

So, c’mon all you sad boys out there. Get you daily experiences out there and shove it in the world’s face. Go and make your own videos, transform your own childhood experiences and share your own music.

Your time has come, prove it.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes