Triumvirate borned in the past millenium, around 1997 in one of the southest areas of Chile, Punta Arenas. Classmates with more than 8 records and three different bass players. Owners of a not so underground style, but a real cluster indeed, called by themselves as “Rock Patagónico”. Music that allow you to start an engine, press play and goes on a trip, or hold one cold beer, headbang and give free road to the brain connections.

Authors of poetic lyrics that besides the textual meaning, hide a second or third understanding in some cases, giving free interpratation to the listeners. All that makes interesting every single hearing of the songs.

The road has led the band trough Chile and beyond. Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria & France, have been visited counties by the group.

They are musicians with proved experience, with a solid an powerful sound, having several (+18) years making the machine work with oily fluidity, good pistons in the engine and a little rust in the chassis as well as Rock & Roll has to be.



By Cristóbal Padilla U.