Histéricos made his breakthrough in the chilean rock scene on 2013, with his debut album “Misplaced, displaced”. Formed by Pablo León on the guitar and lead voices, Robert Canales, guitar and synthesizer, María José Escobar on the drums and second voices, and Álvaro Ramírez, bass and second voices.

Their first album was released by Algorecords, an independent record label that has worked in the past with very influential bands in the chilean underground music like Perrosky, Hielo Negro, Ramires, The Ganjas, Amarga Marga, among others.

With a strong influence by 70´s UK garage rock and a display of pure attitude, Histéricos can pull off the best of the Santiago – Bristol blend and come out with fast riffs, good vibes and sometimes, chill out tunes charged with melancholy. You can see them playing regularly on many of the music spots in the city, like Onaciu Bar, La Batuta, Bar de René, etc.



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