James Numerin

What´s so big about psychedelia that lures so many people into a colorful whirlwind, where everyone just chills on sunny afternoons?

Well, for start, it may depend of what kind of substances you have introduced in your body and mind.

And second, bands like James Numerin.

Because the groovy sensations of the sixties are still alive in James Numerin work, not as a tribute or as a modern versions of old tunes, but instead, a new and creative way of making classic rock without sounding classic.

Interesting musical views, deep atmospheres and clear convictions that remind us sometimes to Los Jaivas or Aguaturbia.

Welcome are the unconventional guitars, the stranded pianos and freaky synthesizers. In this boat, there is space for everyone. No discrimination among genres, but influences very well marked.

We want more from James Numerin, a walking experience. More from that well made sound and caring melodies.

But for now, we are thrilled to show you a piece of their work and what means to us.




By Francisco Cifuentes Rivera