On a summer day, you are sitting on the park waiting the minutes to pass, for the shadow to come and lay down your skate without bigger concerns. You lit a cigarrete and watch on the horizon some rappers. It’s logical…you know what they will do. Beyond there a group of students drinking some beers are evading legality. The homeless is dragging his midday collection. A dog comes to you and you think: “I have nothing to offer but a cigarette and my company. The dog stays. The buses, the people, your friends, the pilsen and one or another joint to liven up the afternoon. The street, your ecosystem.

J//OAKYN portrays his beats on daily figures from the street life. We are talking of such daily portrays, like kicking the ground on your skate, talking about nothing with your friends or run to evade the “pacos”.

Even though your mental and daily images connect with thing we are all capable to see, is in the abstraction of this young man from Concepción, that gives some maximized value, sounding nostalgic and so dense.


By: Pablo Pérez