Juan Gillmore


Hey, you want some smoke?


Yeah, yeah, sure…

[grabs a cigar]


So…what are you doing in a lonely place like here in such a lonely night?


Im just feeling here, man….just feeling….

[drinks beer and keeps playing guitar]


If i have something to say today about Juan Gillmore is that i subjectively love his work. It’s impossible to me to give a serious and impartial opinion about his tunes, not because i’m unable to do it. It’s because i find it so real, so heartrending and raw. A dog’s lament in the night, a lonely cry at the bottom of a lake, a comfy couch where to lie down all day…waiting for answers that would never come.

That’s why Juan Gillmore is a real Chilean Underground… with no big pretensions or naive ambitions….he is just looking to play his guitar and sing his tunes, with the honesty and authentic passion.

The best part? It sounds good… heavily influenced by artists like Edward and The Magnetic Zeros, Mac Demarco, Neil Young, Pixies and Modest Mouse, Juan Gillmore sounds so natural and so present doing what he loves…playing good ol’ fashioned music.

I strongly recommend Juan Gillmore, for every singular moment in your life… travelling, road trippin, doing nothing in your house, been a heartbroken, sobbing, drunk in a bar thinkin on the lost loves and sunsets very well accompanied.

Because this time, i’m not here to talk you about music… i’m here to talk you about feelings.

(Is there even a difference?).

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