Kingdom Fields


A terrain that apeared on the map of Osorno in 2010. A land created an deformed from the roftop of one of his members. Tower used for refuge, inspiration and creations of the group.

6 years doesn’t look like a long path, but building an empire is not a short or simple task. They have tried several aproachs to the public these years, but in 2016 is when they achieve with BYM Records their first album, “REEL”, giving us 6 tracks, 6 differents pieces of land to wander. One of them is named Newcombe, surname of the founder of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, band that they confessed idolize.

 They have traveled through several realms, not without waving their flag. They release their record in the Cine Arte Alameda of Santiago; have performed in Valdivia; also in the legen (wait for it…) dary Casa de Salud in Concepción; and of course, Osorno.

 Kingdom Fields is a green musical land that you must go over.

Pablo Águila (Drums) Luis Mancilla (Guitar) Dago Aillón (Vocals y bass)


By: Cristobal Padilla.