La Blues Willis




What’s more porteño than a couple of guys playing blues with tons of stories about weird characters and not very catholic nights.

From Valparaíso with love, this duo composed by Joaquín Castillo (guitar and vocals) and Felipe “Guatón” Hurtado (harmonica) comes as a revival of the guitar and harmonica, a fresh proposal for national blues music and a clear intention to make something authentic, laid back and enjoyable in any moment of your day.

Passing through every gender blues-friendly, La Blues Willis (a name very difficult to forget) goes through classic rock & roll, raw folk, old school funk and lot of groove. All packed up in the mysticism of the Chilean port, filling these rocky tunes with witty lyrics and folkloric themes.

Listening to La Blues Willis is listening Valparaíso itself, the essence, the sounds, the breeze and of course…the nights looking at the Pacific ocean with one of the most piratesque cities on the continent.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes