Only a few bands can set you in a certain mood of head banging melancholy. A firm kick in the nuts with a sappy taste. All very well balanced with some J Mascis-esques voices and stoner guitars. Reminiscing not only the good, but the forgotten values of the helpless alternative nation.

And that is the real triumph, the true legacy and the celebration of La gloria de Juan. Discontent guitars with raw voices.

All in his debut LP, LgdJ (2016), the solist project of Yanislav Ostoic, with eclectic ballads, energetic and hard ass stoner anthems, and the power to blow your socks off in every riff.

Formed by Ostoic on guitar and voices, Pancho Ladrón de Guevara on drums, Felipe Vásquez on bass and others musicians and friends collaborating to make it through.

Come on and listen the interesting result of an alternative and riffted revival of the indie/garage rock, with the existencial and ironic perfomance of La gloria de Juan.


By: Francisco Cifuentes