La Macha Permua Trio


Danilo Valenzuela – voice and guitar, Jorge Garay – drums and percussion, Miguel Jara – bass. La Macha Permua trio born in 2007 as a result of a series of sound experiments influenced by Noise Rock and minimalist electronics.

In 2009 La Macha released his first digital EP, “Almirante Ballena” and during its promotion at stages like Club Mist, Bar Uno and the ‘Fobia’ Festival which happens to be a duet. “Techno Hitler 2000″ and “Canciones del Gobierno Anterior” (both 2010) make the way for a more direct, aggressive sound and messages laden with satire and irony, paying off its fourth production, “La Nueva Ola de la Porno-Política”(2013).

In 2014 Miguel Jara is incorporated on bass and, is in this format, that are associated with Fisura label to launch “Choclo”, his new production.


La Macha Permua Trio