La Rata Bluesera


They are a litter borned in Valdivia, southern chilean city. Founded at the early millennium for the survivors of the century change. They have published 4 records, “La Rata Bluesera” in 2006, “Disco de Errores” in 2009, “Patas Negras” in 2011 and “Valdivia” in 2013. Now they are maturing the cheese for “El Viaje”, that is going to be their fifth. A homage with a lot of flavour to Schenke & Nilo, another band from the city of Valdivia, famous since times of the dictatorship.

An anecdote from this street rodents is that in 2009 “Disco de Errores” was their very first studio album, ‘cause “La Rata Bluesera” is a compilation of live songs that they had to made due to the high costs of making a professional record those years for the band. ¿When have you saw a rat born in a golden cradle?

In their career, extensive as his tail, they can say that have more of 700 presentations; they are the official band of Don Vilanova (ex Botafogo) in Chile; they opened the gig for Eric Clapton in Santiago before around 15.000 people; in october of 2014 they were touring in Mexico; in february of 2015 they did a show in Rockodromo Festival before aproximately 7.000 people; and in october of 2015 they were invited to Buenos Aires Blues Festival.

Pay attention to his street music, hear their lyrics with good stories and delight yourself  with hours of cheese pecking because this band deserves your time.

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By Cristóbal Padilla Uarac