Linares Nro.9

Like a composition of random landscapes and a variety of sounds that surround you, letting you out and letting you in without even moving a foot. Going back home, in your room or riding your bike. Linares Nro. 9 will catch you like a Valparaíso labirynthical streets, where you don´t know what will be at the end, and it simply opens while you move forward in every song.

Linares Nro. 9 borns when 2014 ends, with Antonio Duarte (Vocals, Guitar), Valentina Peña (Drums) and Cristián Pereira (Bass).

In the beginning, they played as a band, performing the songs of Antonio “Leña”, to start creating their new songs among the three members. In march 2015, Pablo Rivas ( Keyboards) jumps in, making their definitive formation.

Carroza EP is the name of their first release as a band, where they play between psychodelia and dream punk, letting it clear how they compose an album from start to the bottom. Going through different moods with the help of their rythms, chords and lyrics. We guarantee you an experiencia all the way down.

In november 2016, they release the single Atrás el lago , with songs beyond the 4 minutes long, leaving well known their unique and authentic seal that the band puts in every of their compositions.


By: Pablo Pérez