Is hard to make something different in a field where everyone is so deeply committed. Because that´s what present Post Rock in Chile is. Every song is a personal project that invites you to participate in an emotional bond.

The exact elements that Llueven Animales get to accomplish in their first album, Llueven Animales (2015). An honest and well-crafted display of melancholia packed in six songs.

And is that honesty what most distinguishes Llueven Animales from other post rock bands in the scene. Getting to commit with your audiences in a musical level, creating the right atmosphere and intense climaxes.

And they sure know how to create climaxes, when every person in the band seems to be very well connected to each other. Llueven Animales if formed by Andrés J. Barquín on vocals and guitar, Nicolás Pozo and Pedro Romero on guitars Sebastián Rodríguez in bass and Víctor Escobedo on drums.

An introspective look to the genre and an extroverted explosion to your feelings. The forecast for today is definitely, Llueven Animales.

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By: Francisco Cifuentes.