Los Bárbara Blade

Barbara Blade was a character in a terrible commercial deodorant. Something like a Lara Croft shaving her armpits with a knife. So, when you hear the name of the band you understand from the beginning that the thing is not going to go down a very traditional way.
Then you start to listen to them and you do not know if you do not understand anything or start to understand the name a little more. You feel as if you’ve gotten a handful of beats and put them in a mixer to the max. With you inside. And with some or another pill, probably not Vitamin C, as they named one of their songs. Electronic, tribal rhythms, cumbia, ragamuffin, anyway, no matter how you listen to them in your house, you are going to want to be in a disc drowned in a sea of ​​bodies that shake, giving life.
It’s difficult to cross the line of popular today. And it’s more difficult to go several more lines. But it is the only way to achieve a result as strange as unique. Exportable, importable, renewable and dance on the table.
Bravo LBB, now I understand the world less but who chucha cares.
The Bárbara Blade are:
Lorena Álvarez – Synthesizer
Felipe Castro – Bass, Guitar
Maxi Cat Murillo – Drums Machine

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By: Sergio Negrier.