los chipitos de chapultepec

Five people on the room. One of them is a Peruvian chaman from the Amazonas. He says he has something that will cleanse our bodies and souls.

Suddenly he pulls out a record from his chamanic purse, we look to each other… excited, very excited.

We took the record and put it on the turntable. The chaman says…” beware, mi niño, once you press play, there’s no way back”

What the hell he knows, it’s my turntable anyway. Who invited him to the party, eh?

I press play…and everything changed.

An estrange feeling filled me, from the tip of the toes to every hair in my head. Suddenly my shoulders are moving from right to left. What kind of flow is this? My mestizo blood urges me to keep dancing to this.

“What is this?” I asked the chaman…

It´s Chipitos de Chapultepec, boy…. Now shut up and dance.

The playlist is running…you better be prepared for every song…this trip is on!!!!

“Baila Teresa” – the first sip of the potion…strange and warm sparks on my guts…

“Ay que calor” – the potion begins to make effect… hips moving on their own

“Navegando por el Loa” – the lights are titling…are you are you feeling in it too guys?

“Vanidad” – heyyyy this is really getting hotter and hotter, the people on the room are standing to dance.

“Mar Negro” – I’m definitely on trance right now, I hope this chaman nows what he’s doing.

“Milagro” – moving to the right…moving to the left…is this even legal?

“El Condor Pasa (Remix)” – are you serious? Are we still on the same room? Please tell that alien to stop watching at me.

“El Diablo” – come at me, Pachamama, im part of you and you are part of me.

“Manzanilla”- The lights are fading…I have never feel so good..a heavy sleepnes fills me…come on chaman, let me sleep man…I promise I will remember this… oh… oh….

A voice speaks to me in my dream… “we are on Spotify and youtube, dude…go check us out”

For sure Chipitos…for sure

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By: Francisco Cifuentes Rivera