Magaly Fields


Magaly Fields is a psychedelic rock n roll that is here to blow your head off with fresh sounds and sharp guitars.

When listening to Magaly Fields, a duo coming from Santiago, we can remember Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Soledad Brothers and The Oh Sees, among others. Besides, if we add to this a little and spicy street blues, we get as a result a powerful sound, raw in its moment, but never ending in saturation.

The constant relationship between love and hate that borns from guitar and drums, achieves his maximum splendor on each of their songs. And this makes them one of the few bands very atractive to listen on record or live.

A constant transformation that takes you in a path with very little chances to go back. A path towards nirvana that  is shared with their fans in every gig.

Chromatic Days, their first album, reflects the diversity of colors and contrasts printed on their work, an style cultivated since the dawn of time to the present days.

Magaly Fields are:

Tomas Stewart (guitar and vocals) and Diego Cifuentes (Drums)


By: Pablo Pérez