Deconstrucción, Maleza’s first EP, is a ritual. Ayahuasca that’s not only seeking to look into the outside, but also into the inside of us, trying to connect us with the purity, with the earth, with the blood. Their psychedelic sounds, combined with alt rock and folk, stirring our head to mix all those preconceived ideas, because in order to see the truth surrounding us, we must have a clear mind, free of them.

Rythms that lead us from one side to another, holding us. Beginning  a trance where the music bends with ambient sounds, where we are, nowhere.

And lyrics entering in that space, already free and available to be contemplated, with texts trying to open our eyes like the “Puede Ser”

¿Cómo es qué, miles de años pueden confluir, /¿How is that, thousands of years can confluence,

En esto que nadie volvería a vivir? / in this that no one would live again?

Un grillete para controlar / A shackle to control

Un grillete que puedes comprar / A shackle to buy

Un grillete hecho para ti / A shackle made for you 

Un grillete los/nos hará feliz. / A shackle will make you/us happy.

And between that song, mini melodic and experimental tunes start to show up, like if they where there to confuse our system and reseting us.

No, Maleza is not a traditional music band. Theres is a lot more in their proposal. Behind it there is a search, a ritual necessary for today. Finally, when the ritual is ending, nothing is the same.

That’s the good in it, you know, nothing is the same.


By Sergio Negrier.