Meridiano de Zürich


As a premonition that gets ahead of time, in 2012 they took their first steps to the always honored, Espacio Filomena. A venue that has witnessed the birth of Meridiano de Zurich, one of the revelation bands on the Santiago underground scene.    

Their gazing sound becomes the perfect soundtrack when you want to take a rocket and get out to the space. With piercing guitars, atmospheric melodies from the bass and drums that can make you wander quietly or be blown away in a second.

That´s how in 2013, “Figurando el Silencio” was nothing more than the materialization of hard work and pure will. in 2015 they participate in the split Santiago/Portland, with Coastlans, Baikonur and Long Highways. With “220” and “Psicotrópico”. Two songs filled with energy, mature sounds and always loyal to their spirit.

Nowadays, the band is formed by Alejandro Riveros, Danilo Pérez, Diego Cubillos, Francisco del Campo y Matías Cabezas. Constantly touring here and there, you can listen to their show in Matucana 100 recorded by Cohete Negro.

The expectative for the future of Meridiano de Zurich is high. what makes this band, one that you can´t miss on your musical stash.

Record Label: Tunless



By:Pablo Pérez