Music as a reflection of travel, experiences and experiences.
Mi nombre es dolores! It is the lonesome project of Matías Hidalgo, bass guitarist of national bands and 608-z and Syndie. Leaving apart his usual instrument of 4 strings, he decides to take his acoustic guitar and start a parallel musical work that allows it to be author, composer and performer at the same time hinting in his lyrics and sound experiences of everyday life through songs like “Yo no me gané un oscar”,  “mi mejor peor momento” and “hombre con suerte”.
In 2014 he decides to leave Chile to start an international tour, starting on New Zealand, and then continue by Australia and Asia. Places where it can be released and show their material.
In August 2015 confirms his participation in the Quest Festival. One of the most important alternative music festivals in Vietnam. Here he shares the stage with several prominent artists such as Ouissam, Jack Swift and Space Panther.
In early 2016 he recorded two new songs that give a view of what will be his next album waterlogged to the end of 2016. Earlier this month decided to travel South Vietnam and motorcycle accompanied by his ukulele. Already in June this year played in the Beerfest-Hanoi in front of more than 500 pesonas.
just like that, MNED is defined as a concept of constant traveler. Of those chords that make a unique place.
An invitation to discover the soundtrack for a new journey.
By: Pablo Pérez